A Mother’s Story

The following story is about a mother’s unwillingness to accept her son’s diagnosis of being severely autistic as a life long sentence.

My family joined a pre-school in early 2001, it was a small country style setting with a very open policy for accepting children with different life challenges. One of the students that we came to know very well was a young boy. The first time I saw him he was away from the rest of the group, setting alone starring blankly into space. When I approached he did not want anything to do with me he turned his body as to let me know that he was off limits to outsiders. As time went by we got to be good friends with his family. Our families had a common bond, food allergies. When we found a good recipe for gluten free cooking we shared it with his family and vise versa. We learned about all the different things that his mother was doing to try to reverse her son diagnosis, and there were many. She had him on a very restricted diet, no gluten, no casein were the main things and seemed to have the biggest impact. We found out that he had gotten what the doctors called a “super dose” of mercury through his immunizations. His blood test revealed his body was laden with heavy metals. Another condition he suffered with was an overgrowth of Candida. His parents went to work on those issues with a vengeance. They consulted the top specialist in the country leaving no stone un-turned. They had him on a wide variety of very specific diets to eliminate those conditions.

After years of exhaustive research and diet implementations they had gotten his body cleared of the heavy metals and had a handle on the Candida. At this point a normal response from him in casual meeting would be very guarded and very short. I would see him and say hello, he would walk by with head down carefully avoiding eye contact and murmur a soft hi. Any attempt to engage him in conversation would either be avoided entirely or would result in short, or yes and no answers. At this point he was attending a Waldorf school, again a school with a very open policy toward accepting students with specific challenges. He would participate in some activities, others such as plays and choir he was not willing to participate in at all or perhaps in a very limited role.

At this point his parents started looking at different types of occupational therapy. They would get very little return for their effort and a great amount of resistance with the things they tried. The results to a casual observer were not noticeable at all. About eight months ago a team of Crossinology practioners (Husband & Wife) came to our town and offered to the community a different type of therapy something they called Brain Integration as usual the boy’s family jumped right on it and scheduled him for the full treatment.

The results of the Brain Integration have transformed this child into a very different person. Three weeks after his integration took place his mother and I were having a conversation. He came running up poked me in the side, looked me straight in the eyes and asked how I was doing. Not only was this the first physical contact I had ever had with him in our seven year relationship it was also the first time he had ever initiated a conversation. The school has a play at Christmas every year, all the classes participate. The families of the students pack the local community center. This year it started with him coming front and center by himself and welcoming us all to the performance. There were tears of joy in more than one family’s eyes that night. A couple of weeks later the classes gave a eurhythmy performance a kind of synchronized interpretive dance. There he was perhaps being one of the most energetic performers on stage that night. In a conversation with his mother she stated that he had given his Grandmother an open arm hug for the first time ever, earlier that week.

When you are looking at reversing a diagnosis of Autism there are many things to look at. The children with this condition come about it in many different ways some through diet, some through immunizations, some in ways yet to be answered. This is just one child’s story, one of hope and of overcoming a very debilitating condition.

I was told upon starting out on a quest to find the answers for my own son’s learning challenges that no one thing is likely to be the key to all of the issues. I have seen the results of Brain integration on a child that was once diagnosed as severely autistic and I would say that it still holds true. Brain integration did not eliminate the heavy metals from his body. Brain Integration did not eliminate his need to be on a gluten and casein free diet. However anyone who knows this child or who has spent time with him will tell you it has made a huge impact on him. A change so profound that any parent that I meet that has a child with such a challenge I will strongly recommend that they seek out a practioner of Crossinology and have that child Brain Integrated.