Our twelve-year old daughter struggled due to Dyslexia. No matter what we tried and all the encouragements we had given her she saw herself as a failure because of her inability to progress scholastically as her peers had. Because of Brad’s patience and dedication to her treatment he has helped her overcome her fears and struggles: she is excelling brilliantly! She is doing wonderful in school, improving with every day that passes. The integrations have been exactly what she needed to excel. She feels smart for the first time in her life. Thank you so much!!
Shannon.L. Sonora, CA

We had our daughter assessed and found out that she had an auditory processing problem and was slightly dyslexic. After BIT she talks about her eyes feeling different when reading. Her teacher said recently her reading has improved a grade level in a very short time. She also feels she can remember more information when someone is talking, and that her spelling has improved. I would also like to say that I was very impressed with Brad and how he treated our daughter. I did not know if she would be able to be still for so many hours. He carried out great conversations with her. She did not complain at all. She felt very comfortable talking about her challenges with him, and she had questions about the therapy as well. He not only was great with our daughter, but with us. He explained each session with us and answered all of our questions. He has a very good understanding of his therapy and confidence in the results.
Gail.F. Monterey, CA

Our thirteen-year old son has struggled with a sleeping disorder since birth, sleeping three to four hours nightly. After one treatment with Brad he now cat-naps and is sleeping
Through the night. What gifted hands you have, thank you!
S.L. Jamestown, CA

I wanted to thank you for the treatments and share some of the positive results I am experiencing. First I would like to address the hypothalamus balance you performed. For as long as I can remember I have struggled with heat intolerance. If I exercised in the heat I would often incur a fever and a queasy stomach. Heat would zap my energy. One afternoon shortly after the appointment my husband and I went for a run on a local trail. I remember when he turned and said “wow you are really doing great considering how hot it is ” I had not realized how hot it was until that moment because I was not exhausted and not ill. I am happy to report I have not had the same challenges since that appointment.

The next positive I want to share is that my shoulder has done significant unfreezing since you performed muscle reactivation on it. I had more mobility seemingly overnight. I was thrilled when I could open my arm toward the sky in the triangle pose for yoga class.

Another important set of improvements that have been increasing since our appointments for brain integration therapy have been spelling and processing of written information. I grew up with learning disabilities and a form of Dyslexia, which always made spelling a problem. I saw improvements in my spelling about five years ago when I eliminated gluten from my diet after being diagnosed with Celiacs disease. Then after Brain Integration Therapy appointments I have realized more improvements are happening with spelling and processing of written information. I can actually see words in my head now for the first time. I can remember calling and telling you and you saying that it would continue to improve as I used those skills, I find that amazing.
Thank you for all your good work.
April.W. Tuolumne City, CA

Brad thank you for all the amazing work you have done with my girls, they have improved leaps and bounds. They would not be excelling in school, physically or mentally without all your time and dedication. Our youngest has improved beyond our wildest expectations. What we have spent countless hours, months and even years trying to improve with the help of an endless number of occupational therapists and resource specialist you have managed to fix in just a few short treatments. We are all in awe of her beautiful handwriting. Going from barley legible to perfect beauty, it is amazing. Thank you.
Shannon.L. Sonora, CA

Hi, I am a single mom with two adopted Chinese daughters. My older daughter in particular has struggles with impulsivity and anger for many years. We have tried many Occupational therapy programs including Neurological re organization. They have been helpful, but still persisted. We were referred to New Dawn Therapy and Brad Freeman through some friends who had been on a similar path with their adopted Chinese daughter. I was open to checking out what Brad is doing. I went as far as having him assess me as well as my girls. In less than an hour working with me, he identified two ares of struggle that I’ve experienced my whole life which nobody ever identified before. One had to do with tracking of my eyes which resulted in poor eye-hand coordination and one had to do with what I’ve always thought of as a reading block…which he said he said was a result of blocks in my brains pathways. I would read the words but did not comprehend. I was thrilled that he put words to my hindered experience.I would like to say that I then did the treatment with him and my blocks opened up with my limitations being eliminated…but decided to hold off on treatment for myself and have Brad work on my girls instead which he did. It took five long days. The girls enjoy Brad. His work interested them and most importantly, I can clearly say that both my girls gained from Brad’s help. My older daughter is less angry. She has more time between something that she interprets as an assault and her response to that. She is less impulsive, more kind. My younger daughter is more able to sit still, where in the past she had to keep moving. She is better able to focus on her reading. I am happy that they both completed their work with Brad. I would recommend both him and his work. I hope I can work with him for myself soon.

Amy F. Oakland,Ca.

Hi I had to let you know that my son got a 100% on his history test today- which is a first for him. He is usually a disinterested C student most of the time, he is so proud that he was able to remember everything for his test, yeah it’s working!

Tricia L.  Santa Monica, Ca.

Hi Brad, Thank you again for working with our son and making it such an enjoyable experience for him. I think he was disappointed when he woke up Tuesday and asked if we were going to see you and I said “no”. I think even though it was intense he enjoyed his time with you. We saw such major shifts in his oppositional behavior and thought process and his ability to reflect and reason and even in his singing voice- he can now carry a tune :) He has also been able to vocalize his fears so now we can talk them out. Greatly appreciated

Susan A. Ojai, Ca.

Hello Brad, Our son  doing great, I think in particular the neurotransmitter balancing helped a lot. He is a different, much calmer child these days. He’s  LOVING kindergarten so much and is just a happier guy.

Amy W.  Pasadena, Ca.

Hi Brad

we are back home and deep in the throes of school. My daughter is such an interesting Character:-) and becoming more so.I see her confidence soaring and she is growing physically too. She will pick up a book to read!!! Thats a big change for her.  She’s feeling things I think she has taught herself no to feel, Sadness and fear . I would still rather have them in the open  than hidden. I also am hearing an expanded vocabulary


Elaine H. Walnut hill, Ca.

I had heard of pelvic floor balancing through a Reiki student of mine. When I arrived at my appointment with Brad I stated that some of my issues might be my tailbone and that it has hurt me everyday for twenty years-mild tolerable pain. So he worked on the tailbone first then the pelvic floor- not intrusive at all he works with the brain, I don’t know how it works but it did. I have had two clear symptoms disappear, I am thrilled. The fascinating thing is it took  a few days and a few days after that for me to realize the difference, The appointment took just over two hours. I know Brad and his family and they are very nice People I just didn’t know that pelvic floor was part of his work. Soooo happy to not have pain. Thank you!!!

April W. Toulumne City, Ca.

Our daughter was adopted from China at 18 months, she currently nine years old. Before we started BIT with Brad Freeman we had several challenges with our daughter. Her speech was severely delayed, she was defiant and she would fall apart over nothing at the drop of a hat and she was struggling in school. We felt as though our backs were against the wall. No one at her school was very sympathetic and they really didn’t care what was causing her difficulties.All we knew was we needed help. We tried other therapies and they worked to some degree but it wasn’t enough. I had heard about Crossinology /BIT for about a year before contacting Brad and I felt like it was a good option for us. We started to see results immediately, our daughters speech while still unintelligible at times was better and we could see that she was making more of an effort. Her math improved almost overnight. Although she is still reading below grade level, we have seen improvement in that area as well. One night when we were working on her spelling , she misspelled a word. I told her that she missed a sound. For the first time she was able to express to me what was happening. She told me that she couldn’t hear the sound. When we told them at the school what was happening they said that they would check her hearing again. It was if a light-bulb had turned on for them.In addition she isn’t falling apart like she used to. Many times she can pull it together and continue with homework or whatever work that she is doing at the time, also she isn’t nearly as defiant like she used to be. Ever since BIT our daughter seems to be maturing. Even the people at school who are her harshest critics are noticing that she has matured. She is more affectionate that she was just weeks ago, she is  definitely in a much better mood more often. I was in awe of Brads patience! As he worked with our daughter, she squirmed and squirmed, yet he didn’t appear to be bothered by this at all, He just smiled and did what he needed to do. Are we where we want to be? no we aren’t I hope to see more changes over time, besides our daughter has R.A.D.,P.T.S.D.and anxiety issues. It is unlikely that any one technique will be able to address everything. Are we glad that we did this? Yes we are and I highly recommend it. Thank You Brad.

Kathy B. Santa Rosa, Ca.


I have had a weak ankle since I received a playground injury 40 years ago. Sometimes it would give way and bend so far outwards, I would trip and fall for no apparent reason. After just one session with Brad I could tell an immediate difference. I can no longer willingly bend my ankle any further than normal. Although I can tell my ankle is still weak, I can tell with some time and basic exercise like swimming and walking will tone the muscles and tendons and be stronger than they have been since I was 5. I t has been a month since my treatment and I still can’t believe how much better I am. I feel very lucky to have found Brad and New Dawn Therapy

Stephanie C. Sonora, Ca.


My husband and I adopted our daughter from China when she was nearly three years old. Within the first year she was home, it became apparent to me that she had significant learning issues.

She had great difficulty learning new words and concepts for more than a few seconds.She struggled to learn colors, letters and numbers. Her communication with us was very disjointed. She would say things like” I like to eat pasta because my friends are at the baseball game. My favorite color is pink. the cat is hungry. I am cooking food because the camera is not working”.

We also noted some other odd things, although we did not initially connect them to her learning difficulties. For example, she had very poor balance. She also had a very difficult time locating something if we pointed to it. What this looked like was we would say  ” Your doll is over there” while pointing at the bed and she would go look behind the door instead.

Knowing something was not right, just after four I had her assessed by a Neuropsychologist, the school district and a reading specialist. All seemed to agree that something was “off” but none could really pinpoint the issues or offer ideas to help.

I was so desperate to help my daughter. I knew something wasn’t right, I was so afraid for what her life would look like once she got to school and could not learn like the other kids. I started doing research on therapies for learning differences, and that’s when I learned about Crossinology.

I found Brad listed on the Crossinology website. Since he was the closest certified practitioner, I contacted him to ask whether Crossinology would be appropriate for my daughter. As I placed the call, I was hesitant about what I would hear. I didn’t want to invest hundreds if not thousands of dollars into a treatment that would not work.

However after just a few minutes of talking to Brad I knew we had to try Crossinology. He had extensive experience working with adopted children from backgrounds similar to that of my daughter, and he was the first person who really “got it” when I talked about the challenges I saw in her.

A few weeks later my daughter began Crossinology Brain Integration Technique with Brad. During the initial assessment, he noticed so many things- some of which I had noticed and some of which I had not- and was able to connect them to my daughter’s challenges.I had the biggest sense of relief during the initial consultation; I was nearly brought to tears to think that someone finally understood my daughter AND could do something about her challenges!

The results have been nothing short of amazing. Her balance – which was extremely poor prior to brain integration- is much improved. She can easily stand on one foot and has finally learned to ride a bicycle. Her eye tracking ability- which was almost non-existent prior to brain integration- is normal now. She no longer has difficulty following where we are pointing. I’ve also found her to be much more engaged when we do things like go to a museums because she is finally able to get the information through her visual sense that she was missing before. Her communication with us – which was disjoined before- is now completely coherent. She no longer rambles on about a bunch of disconnected topics but will stay on one topic for an entire conversation. Her short term memory – which was very weak before the integration- is much improved. At the same time, I have seen corresponding improvements in her ability to retain new information.

I had a lot of opportunity to talk with Brad while he was working with my daughter. That is when I realized that Crossinology might also benefit  my son. Although my son did not have any learning issues, he had three other primary challenges. The first was tremendous weakness in his legs that had not resolved itself despite more than a year of physical therapy. The second challenge was emotional. My son was also adopted, and the trauma he experienced around his adoption often resulted in emotional breakdowns and outbursts. Th third was allergies, as my son suffered from multiple food and chemical sensitivities.

I am pleased to say that all of my son’s challenges have been greatly improved through Crossinology. His physical therapist was amazed at the new physical skills that he has developed through the muscle reactivation Brad did for him. At home, we have noticed fewer meltdowns in the mornings, and my son has been less afraid of strangers since his integration. Finally, his doctor was very pleased to discover that his food sensitivities were greatly reduced. Overall my son has been much more confident and happy since his integration.

In sum I never dreamed there would be a “silver bullet” for my daughter”s issues. But it turned out that Crossinology has basically been a silver bullet that addressed just about all of the concerns that we had about her. My son also benefitted in ways that I didn’t even know were possible. The changes in both of my children have been so remarkable , and I am forever grateful to Brad for giving my kids a much brighter future.

I would not hesitate to recommend Brad to any family looking for help for their children. He was clearly delighted to work with my children and had so much patients with them. I have found him to be a person of great integrity who performs his work with the highest ethical standards. He has a true gift for healing those with brain integration issues. I only wish more children could benefit from this unique therapy as my children have.


San Jose, Ca.

I am writing this testimonial to help Brad spread the word about the effectiveness of Crossinology and muscle reactivation. After suffering with chronic Sciatic nerve pain for years I found Brad, thank goodness!. I  had Sciatica for over twenty years, at times so severe that my doctor wanted to hospitalize me. Every treatment that I tried just seemed ineffective and was short lived at best. When Brad approached me with his suggestion that I let him try Crossinology on my condition I was a little sceptical but was won over by his confident insistence that it would be effective .After just a few hours of muscle reactivation I stood up from the massage table a different person, much stronger and without the pain that had been plaguing me for years. It has been several months since Brad worked on my muscles and I have not had any symptoms at all. I would highly recommend Brad and Crossinology to anyone that is suffering with sciatica, it is the best and only effective treatment that I have discovered. Brad thank you so much for convincing me to try Crossinology, you have changed my life.

Darlene M.

Jamestown, Ca.