My Family’s Story

Originally published online at Wellhaven, Grand Junction, the web site of Roger and Yolanda Lange.

In February 1998 my wife and I were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, the completion of our dreams, to have two children one girl and one boy. Our son was perfect, his apgar score was perfect he was beautiful not just to us but to all that met him. He was strong and healthy and full of life. That dream continued on for the next twelve months, until we got his one year immunizations administered in March of 1999.

In March of 1999 our family took a trip to Cabo San Lucas, we had a wonderful time with the exception of our children’s health. Our daughter had her first bout of bronchial asthma and was on a nebulizer for almost the entire trip. Our son started having a very difficult time with food digestion; it seemed that whatever we gave him caused very severe diarrhea and cramping. We watched this young child that was once the picture of health, slowly diminish into a person that showed every sign of starvation. For almost a year he stopped growing, his body weight was dropping and his muscles were wasting away, despite all of our efforts and that of specialists. We finally, through a small miracle, diagnosed our son with Celiacs disease. Celiacs is a gluten intolerance that affects the small intestines. It dissolves the villi in the walls if the intestinal tract, limiting the person’s ability to absorb nutrients . Our son was indeed starving to death before our very eyes. After eliminating gluten from his diet he began to regain his strength; his color turned from an ashen gray to the peach complexion that one would expect to see in a healthy child. He began building muscle, putting on weight and growing.

The damage that we did not see however was soon to be revealed. When our son started preschool we saw some developmental issues coming up. After speaking to several knowledgeable people we discovered that during the time when he was struggling with Celiacs he had missed some very important brain developmental exercises such as crawling (he simply did not have the strength to do so). By the time he was in second grade his challenges were so great that we had to pull him from the private school that he was attending. He could not function in a classroom environment. So our next step was to find ways to help him. We started a program some refer to as a type of “brain gym” that was specifically designed to help with those types of challenges. My son and I worked very hard doing up to twenty different exercises every day for well over 18 months. I began to home school him and we struggled valiantly for another year. Reading was coming very slowly, handwriting was a struggle and eye-hand coordination was lacking. His eyes were not tracking properly and his pronunciation was not developed to the point one would normally see in a child at his age. In short, we were having very limited success.

In May of 2007 some friends invited me to come to their home for a presentation on this “new therapy” that they were having done to their family. That night I sat in on a  Crossinology  presentation given by Yolanda and Roger Lange, it spoke to me. After the first ten minutes the things that were being said were just a hum in the background. I had already made up my mind that this was going to happen, that we were going to get BIT  done for our son.  I needed to figure out how to make this happen. Five months later my son and I hooked up a camp trailer that we had borrowed from some friends, left our home in California and headed to Grand Junction, Colorado for the appointment with Roger Lange.

In October of 2007 our son went through 15-1/4 hours of one-on-one therapy with Roger Lange. Our conversations after each session were very encouraging but I did not know what to expect once we got home and started to get back into his schooling. I drove back into California with what I consider a completely different boy .That was six months ago and what I have seen in the last six months is awesome. Both numbers and letters are vastly improved; sentences are straight, evenly spaced and done with far less effort. Reading has gone from little to no sight words to hundreds. Memory has greatly improved, his ability to complete a given task has greatly improved. His eye tracking is dead on (for the first time ever we played catch after we got home instead of throw, drop and chase). His social skills have improved and his speaking skills have improved. In short, Crossinology has worked on my son and I cannot be happier with the results.

The changes so impressed my mother-in-law that she decided to go through it herself offering to take my wife with her . They both came back thrilled. My wife told me she has “never felt smarter in her life”. In her session, Yolanda activated a muscle in her left eye that corrected a locked muscle that required her to wear corrective lenses for over twenty years; she now wears contacts. My wife has said one of the biggest changes is that her stress level has greatly diminished. My mother-in-law has told me she feels her everyday life seems so much easier. I believe in this therapy!  As I write this letter I am only three days away from starting the training to become a brain integration therapist myself. As part of the training prerequisite, I recently went through the Brain Integration myself. It was an amazing experience; my life has changed in ways that are hard to put into words. Daily stresses have diminished to a point that they seem a distant memory. My balance is improved; my ability to concentrate on a subject has greatly improved. My ability to deal with my two children ages 11 and 10 has increased (my wife recently told me I’m much more patient with them than I have been in the past).

In a conversation I had recently with a person wondering whether or not to go through this therapy he stated, “I just don’t want to look back in ten years and think wow what a waste of time and money “. I assured him that in ten years he would look back and be very happy with his decision. That person recently called me at my home after deciding to get the integration done. He said it was a great experience that has changed his life forever. So now I say to you, “This therapy works!” There is nothing else out there that gets the results that you will get from Crossinology Brain Integration Therapy. Go to the web site, ask people that have experienced it, do your homework and you will find this out for yourself.