Meet Brad Freeman

Brad Freeman

Brad Freeman

Hello and welcome to New Dawn Therapy’s web site. My name is Brad Freeman I am very excited to bring Crossinology to you all. On this web site I hope to provide you with enough information to get you excited as well.

After spending twenty plus years working in the electronics industry, I was no longer able to physically perform the tasks required. After enduring several surgeries, I spent the next few years recuperating at home with my children and involving myself with their development. I found myself home schooling my eight-year-old son and providing occupational therapy daily. Because of an undiagnosed condition known as Celiac disease, he suffered substantial developmental challenges. I went to a presentation on a technique called Crossinology. After hearing what this technique offered we decided to have our son integrated. The transformation was nothing short of amazing (for more about this transformation see my family’s story).

When it came time to re-enter the work force, I looked around and found my options were very limited. The electronics field that I used to work in was no longer an option. I wanted to retrain myself to do something that utilized my strengths and knowledge. As a high school student, I had an opportunity to aid in teaching first and second grade students at the local elementary school to read. It was a very enjoyable and rewarding time for me. With this thought and the belief in Crossinology, I decided to become a certified Crossinologist. The thought of eliminating the challenges that so many of our young people have today was a very exciting prospect.

In March of 2008, I attended my first class in Boulder, Colorado. Under the instruction of an amazing person and founder of Crossinology, Susan McCrossin and her associates, I had started out on my journey. After 360 plus hours of class time and compiling case studies I have seen, read and heard some truly inspiring stories related to the power of this technique. Now that I have achieved my goal of becoming California’s first certified Crossinology practitioner, I am ready to share this wonderful technique with all of you.

If you or some one you know is looking for an alternative to medications, endless physical therapy or occupational therapy to overcome challenges, please give Crossinology serious consideration. Rest assured that it will prove to be a great experience that you will not regret. Whether a person comes to see one of the other certified Crossinology practitioners or me they can be certain that we will provide an experience that might just change their lives.